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YOUST is a portugal based watercolour & lettering artist inspired by her love for bright colours and the endless blues & greens of the atlantic ocean.

she paints a modern mix of typometry and watercolour in addition with floral mandala patterns – and once in a while the beautiful beachscapes of the portuguese silver coast she sees every day behind her house.


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About me

i'm still trying to figure out
the mystery behind letters

hi, i’m YOUST and i always had a thing for colours and geometry.

what started with doodling simple lines in the shape of bigger letters – just to ease off my mind and focus on the now – soon turned into patterns and larger motives. inspired by artist friends i started to combine these drawings with watercolouring and my style was born – i call it #naïvekunst.

quickly my personalised drawings caught the attention of my friends. they encouraged me to show my customised work to a wider audience – so here we are now. take a look around and get inspired! and feel free to drop me a line if you want to know more about the stuff i do…

YOUST the face behind the artwork




typometry (noun):

geometric construction of letters
that deals with the formal laws and relationships of proportions between lines and spaces



watercolour (noun):

painting method in which pigments dissolved in water are applied wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry for different effects



mandala (noun):

complex abstract design that can contain both geometric and organic forms, usually circular in form


if you want to dive deeper in the stuff i do, look around here. who knows, maybe i already did some #naïvekunst on your name?


some kind words from kind souls about my work:

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see my workflow and what inspires me. and maybe soon a bit more…
YOUST watercolour artwork with ocean vibes in lustrous turquoise and dreamy greens with beachy references as welcome gift for surfergirl AGNES

hello and welcome!

working on my customized drawing for agnes hi there, welcome to the blog section of my website here at YOUST artwork!

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YOUST artwork work in progress typometry